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Executive Director Message
HiAST is the brain-child of a handful diehard people whose stature, radiating glowing self confidence and casting iron conviction, is time tested. At the twilight of their journey they are still burning their mid night oil in pursuit of excellence, undaunted and unruffled. They have yet preserved their values and never had these molested. These dynamic, progressive and innovative people, with clear vision and renewed vigor, have embarked upon the difficult path to prepare the youth to face the challenges of the future and take the nation to those heights which only house the greatest. HiAST has been conceived to be a way of life. It makes a pyramid on a much broader base. The road to success is a difficult one and the one emerging from HiAST is more difficult.... here the going is tough and only the tough get going. HiAST's approach is futuristic and the goals well defined. What all our students have to go through to their graduation day have been well conceived and adequately attended to. HiAST also takes into account the rigorous of practical life and these are addressed accordingly. The graduating HiASTIANS, should they bear with us, will figure out prominently and make their way, with relative ease, to the higher offices in public as well as private sectors. It is in this backdrop that there is much beyond textbooks and therefore, HiAST's day starts early and end rather late. If one is looking for ease, comfort and happy-go-lucky life, this is certainly not the place. HiAST is only for those who set their aims high.Time alone would testify and speak about it's quality factor and it's flag bearer, the students, will be it's true reflection.