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Our Mission
To equip students with the knowledge, skills and exposure required to succeed in today’s global marketplace. A private non-denominational Institution, HiAST prepares students for holding the reign of the future of Pakistan.
Our Emphasis
Emphasis on teaching languages: The indigenous languages of Pakistan are generally not the language of power. This means that they are not used in the domains of power such as administration, judiciary, military, media, higher education, commerce and research. We are therefore obliged to teach the students in English. Modern learning: Is based on capturing students’ interest and imagination through what they like. Sermonizing and thrusting upon them the text, which is not adequately attuned to their interest and level of comprehension, is antithetical to effective learning. Research and Development:The level of research and development in a country is a key element in the development of economic and social sectors. Universities have historically provided the most fertile grounds for the research activities all over the world. HiAST has a vision to conduct research and development in various academic and technological disciplines.