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Regular - May 2017
Results 15th batch (NEW)
4th Semester 15th batch(NEW)
4th Semester 16th Batch
1st Semester 17th Batch(NEW)
1st Semester 9th batch
2nd Semester 9th batch
3rd Semester 9th batch
5th Semester 9th batch
4th Semester 10th batch
5th Semester 10th batch
6th Semester 10th batch
1st Semester 11th batch
2nd Semester 11th batch
3rd Semester 11th batch
6th Semester 11th batch
7th Semester 11th batch
1st Semester 12th batch
2nd Semester 12th batch
3rd Semester 12th batch
4th Semester 12th batch
7th Semester 12th batch
1st Semester 13th batch
4th Semester 13th batch
2nd Semester 14th batch
3rd Semester 14th batch
4th Semester 14th batch
1st Semester 15th batch
2nd Semester 15th batch